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Blog Guidelines

Hello my lovelies! How are you today? Thank you for showing interest in the blog guidelines because it could really save you some mental juice. If our editors find that your blog goes against any of these rules, your blog will be removed. 

We are striving to keep our community blog a healthy one, filled with positivity and love. Thank you for contributing to it. You are the best type of person!

No Harsh Profanity

(Watch your profanity)

So let's dig deeper into what we mean by no "harsh" profanity. Most of us are adults, so we won't penalize your whole post if you use the "d" word or "h" word. But if your posts uses every letter of the alphabet... We love you and we're sorry, but we can't. Or if your posts uses too many "d's" and "h's", we can't do that one either. As long you're keeping it cute and professional, we won't have anything against your blog post. But if we do have a problem we'll reach out and let you know why. We won't leave you in the dark. 

Healthy Blog

Community Based

The whole point of our community blog is to be an asset to our community's everyday life. So we can't have people writing blogs about their day, or the delicious restaurant they ate at last night (although we would love to know). Our blogs need to be something that the average everyday person can read and it help them develop as a person. We can talk about our business advice, skills that can help us mature, mindsets that are good to keep, manifestation (because it works), forgiveness. The topics are endless, but it just has to be something that others can take home with them in their hearts.

Positive Mindset

Our blogs need to have a positive mindset to them. We can't motivate people with negative attitudes. "Life sucks, this idea sucks." See your mood took a couple of notches down just by reading that, didn't it? The world does not get a lot of positivity in the forefront, so the one thing that we want people to get out of our site is positivity. And I also want to make a note that when I say "our" site, I mean all of ours. Not just our organizations. You're also adding content on here. It's your image presenting itself on here too. 

Travel Blogs
Cute Notebooks

Happy Blogging

Happy blogging love! We are all excited to see what good vibrations you bestow on us in the future! 

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